Environmental Management:
Unio Optronics Corp. recognizes that environmental protection has a significant impact on the global ecological environment. In order to achieve sustainable operation and fulfill its social responsibilities, UOC will devote ourselves to energy-saving production, implement various environmental protection tasks, reduce negative impacts on the environment, and be responsible for all stakeholders , to improve employees and their families, to enhance the quality of life of the community and society, and to care about the global environment in which we live, and the sustainability of the company will be more meaningful.

UOC provides semiconductor laser manufacturing and R&D related services. For air pollutants, process wastewater, waste, toxic chemical substances... etc. generated in the process, through personnel education and training, continuous improvement process planning, environmental planning Management, equipment maintenance and preparation, promise to do the following:

Abide by the Laws, Keep improving
Maintain Environment, Prevent Pollution
Improve Efficiency, Avoid Waste
Save Energy & Reduce Carbon Footprint, Resources Recycling
Environmental Management:
Environment Certification : ISO 14001:2015

Semiconductor Laser Diodes