Substrate Income Inspection
Epitaxial Process - Flow Capacity Control,
Temperature Control, Pressure Control...
Wafer Test - CV, PL, EL, X-ray Test
Wafer Process
1. In Process, Check by Oneself
2. Test Before Facet Coating
3. Test After Facet Coating
4. Sorting Chip
Package Process
1. In Process Check, SPC.
2. Test After Chip on Submount
3. Test After Burn-in
Finally Quality Control

Innovation , Improving , Integrity , Customer-Oriented

The objective of our quality policy is to provide best service, high quality and reliability products to our customers. Every member of U.O.C. is responsible for the quality of his duties. With continuous improvement and innovation, we're sincere to provide best service to our customers.

Abide by the Laws , Keep Improving  , Maintain Environment ,
Prevent Pollution , Improve Efficiency , Avoid Waste ,
Save Energy & Recycling , Carbon Footprint , Resources Recycling

We promise to keep improving Our performance on the Environmental Policy. We would inform the environment policy to all our staffs, customers, contractors and suppliers. The environment policy is provided to the public for request.

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